What You Should Know ABA Therapy

15 February 2018
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There are many parents who wonder if something like ABA therapy services would be right for their child. If their child is suffering from behavioral problems, ABA therapy might be the right course of action for you. There are a couple different things you should know about ABA and how they will affect your child and you. Here are some things you should know. What Is ABA Therapy? ABA therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on changing behavior. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About A Senior Care Center

14 February 2018
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There are many people who know that they should put their loved one in an assisted living facility but aren't sure how it works, and so they hesitate, even though they know it is the best and safest option for their loved one. Here are some things that you should know about an assisted living communities and why one might be best for your loved one. 1. There Is Medical Staff On Hand Read More 

2 Senior Living Options To Consider

7 February 2018
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The hardest part about caring for an elderly relative is choosing the right type of senior living option to ensure that they are properly cared for and happy. Here are two senior living options to consider. Senior Community One of the most popular options to consider when it comes to senior living is a senior community, like Mayfair Village Retirement Community. Now, this type of senior living is most suited for those elderly individuals that are still somewhat active and do not need around-the-clock medical supervision and care. Read More 

Dementia And Your Changing Role As A Caregiver

2 February 2018
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You find yourself as the caregiver for a parent with dementia, and you notice that your role is changing every day. Even though you are the child, you are starting to wonder how much you need to interject in your parent's care, activities, and health decisions. Here are some things to know. Assess Reliability from the Bottom It is common for you to question your role when your parent has a lucid day and seems almost back to normal. Read More